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am I sweet enough? [Oct. 5th, 2004|06:22 pm]
-`*are you sweet enough??*`-
[mood |blahblah]
[music |ryan adams-rock n' roll]

sorry, I dont know how to do the whole LJ cut thing and it wont let me use rich text form Name: Jenna *Nickname: umm dont have one *Age [13 & up]: 15 *Location: Eugene, OR *Sex: Female _About You_ *Favorite Song: Free Fallin-Tom Petty *Favorite Band/Artist: ohh man, i dunno, rolling stones or postal service *Favorite Quote: love is like war-easy to begin, hard to end *Favorite Color: all of them-tie dye *Something Random About Yourself: I love dinosaurs *1 Word Describing You: weirdo *Tatoos?: sadly no *Piercings?: ears, hoping for more _What Are Your Thoughts On_ *Abortion: it up to the women *Gay Marriage: marriage is about love, not what sex you are *War: okay in some cases, but rarely *Sex: if your ready *Porn: whatever floats your boat, lol *Your Ideal Date: something easy, not to fancy *What Do You Consider Sweet?: being nice to people and being yourself _Would You/Have You_ *Smoke?: yes *Do Drugs?: yes *Steal Somone's Gf/Bf?: no *Kiss Somone Of The Same Sex?: yes _Coming To A Close_ *Why Are You Sw33t_As_Candy?: because I try to be nice to everyone *Link To Where You Promoted Us[friend's journal, community, etc.]: I will if I get accepted *Something You Want In This Community: people to accually post *Post 2 Pictures [one of you, and one random picture- please explain why you chose it]: my computor is being dumb and wont let me, sorry

[User Picture]From: a_barbiegirl_0x
2004-10-05 07:45 pm (UTC)
uhm at first itll be slow so dont worry, we have to get people to join, so promote promote...
also im glad you applied..im hoping more people will soon i am promoting like crazy so hopefully this community will be very fun!

<3 sam
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