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Am I Sweet As Candy??? [Feb. 2nd, 2005|03:58 pm]
-`*are you sweet enough??*`-


[mood |ditzyditzy]
[music |mocking bird ... toby keith]

`*The Application*`


*Nickname: cholie lynn,babygirl,sweethart
*Age [13 & up]: 14 (15 on feb 6th)
*Location:orange springs,florida

_About You_

*Favorite Song: mixtape by butch walker
*Favorite Band/Artist: whitney houston
*Favorite Quote: Like a bed of roses there is a dozen reasons in this gun
*Favorite Color:Pink
*Something Random About Yourself:
*1 Word Describing You: Crazy
*Tatoos?: no
*Piercings?: yea,bellybutton and some in my ears

_What Are Your Thoughts On_

*Abortion: i don't like them at all
*Gay Marriage: i think they are cool
*War: terrible
*Sex: it's good i guess if you do it right
*Porn: i like it
*Your Ideal Date: sitting at home under the blankie w/ that special someone
*What Do You Consider Sweet?: being nice,roses,chocolate,ummm alot of things

_Would You/Have You_

*Smoke?: yea
*Do Drugs?: yea
*Steal Somone's Gf/Bf?: no
*Kiss Somone Of The Same Sex?: yea

_Coming To A Close_

*Why Are You Sw33t_As_Candy?: becuase i am ...
*Link To Where You Promoted Us[friend's journal, community, etc.]:i dont know how to do that
*Something You Want In This Community: to meet other sweet as candy people
*Post 2 Pictures [one of you, and one random picture- please explain why you chose it]: i dont how to put them on here sorry ... a link to my page is www.geocities.com/firebird_angel84 im the one in the red shirt

From: 00_hugs_00
2005-02-06 10:48 pm (UTC)


Sorry if this comment offended you in any way. I just wanted to promote here because I read your entries and you seem like a cool person. I found you by the interest thing. So I would love for you to join!
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[User Picture]From: flirtie_blues
2005-02-07 10:33 pm (UTC)
ok i will do ... thanks much!
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From: 00_hugs_00
2005-02-09 02:10 am (UTC)
cool, thanxx
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